Supervised Visitation Services


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Available now, Kathy Hester, aka the Lizard Wizard of SD since 1993, is providing child visitation monitor services. These are for court ordered (or mutually agreed upon) supervised visits between an adult and a child. I love sharing my animals with schools and at parties, but I have a strong desire to contribute and be helpful on a deeper level. Serving Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, Vista, San Marcos, San Elijo, Valley Center, Escondido, Carlsbad, La Costa, Aviara, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Del Mar; basically locations within 45 minutes of Oceanside. Other locations considered. 

I am here for your family to provide a safe neutral third-person presence without any bias or judgement so all involved can create or strengthen the connection and bond that is so important for the growth and health of your child's well being. Children are happiest when not witnessing distress between their parents or guardians. Whatever the circumstances of the court order, the goal of the visitation is to keep your child's ears and eyes out of your adult conflict during the whole visit. 

For the last 26 years of meeting with children and families, I see the importance of quality time and attention that all children deserve and thrive upon. Your child needs you and your undivided attention in their life. I'm just the monitor, taking notes, providing a physically and emotionally safe environment for your child. I would love for all children to have the longest childhood as possible. 

Let me help you successfully reach your goals of fulfilling your court case orders. I know this is an awkward mandatory situation. I don't believe that it has to be awkward. We are all uniquely different with the same basic needs. We are all enough as we are, with areas for growth and improvement. Wherever you are in your journey of life, your child still needs you. 

Of course, my favorite meeting place is the SD Safari Park located in Escondido. If you are not a member, the price of the child's ticket would be an added fee. All daytime locations will be considered. Outside play is encouraged, such as parks and beach (pier, harbor) walks. In Oceanside, Buddy Todd Park is beautiful. Interactive outside visits could include:  board games, arts and crafts. I will help you create an enjoyable interactive environment for ease of communicating with your child. What are your child's interests and favorite hobbies? 

An initial phone call is required where I will be asking many questions to verify if we are a good fit so we do not waste each other's time. I will answer your questions and concerns too. If we feel comfortable with each other, I will arrange an initial meeting (intake) with you and a separate meeting with the other adult involved. Honesty will be of the utmost importance. Dishonesty may be grounds for termination of this service. This is not about your life choices, this is about your child creating memories with their guardians. Copies of your court case will be required and I will be taking a photo copy of your ID. We will go over rules, procedures, contracts, fees, and termination policy. 

Fees: (sliding scale fee within parentheses, economic status proof required)

Intakes for each adult: $60 ($50)

Prepaid Fee per Scheduled Visit for one hour = $50; 1 1/2 hour = $60; 2 hours = $70; 2 1/2 hours = $80; 3 hours = $100; 3 1/2 = $120; 4 hours = $140; over 4 1/2 hours to 6 hours = $200 (no sliding scale for these reasonable prices for all). Minimum visit is one hour. After that fees are based on half hour increments. Fifteen minutes don't count in either direction for refunds or additional fees. Starting and ending times are crucial when agreed upon.

Court Appearance: $300 for any amount of hours, including all day, prepaid before the court date,  (sliding scale fee of $100 per hour, not to exceed $300)

Telephone conversations: free, leave a clear voice message, text, email any time during any day; I will call back ASAP

Reports for court, fees are based on how many days prior notice are given:

Summary Reports: within 6-10 days = $60; 2-5 days = $80; 1-day = $100; (sliding scale; minus $20)

Detailed Reports: within 6-10 days = $100; 2-5 days = $140; 1-day = $160 (sliding scale; minus $10)

Declarations: $60 A written statement requested by you for a single issue (sliding scale fee = $50).  

No premium or extra fees for holidays. My philosphy is that all 365 days of the year are equal. Your time with your child is highly valued on every day at every moment. You are the important connecting dots between your child and their well being. 

My biggest educational regret, is that I am not Spanish speaking. My services are for English speaking only and English must be used by all at all times. 

If you enjoy being outside or have a high energy child who likes to keep moving, we are a good fit. If you enjoy malls, Wal-mart, Chucky Cheese, shopping; we are not a good fit. I have 26 years of experience working with large groups of children in controlled settings. For visitations, I will consider one child and one adult at a time. 

Please call/text: 760-722-4446  

or email: kathyhester@lizardwizardofsandiego.net

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