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Visit the Calendar page to check availability. 

  Email:  kathyhester@lizardwizardofsandiego.net

I love email, no room for mistakes. 

I will be exchanging vital information: your details, our requirements.


  phone: seven six zero-722-4446


Weekdays between 10 am and 6 pm are the best times to call. Email anytime.

Please leave a message. I don't answer my phone while driving, during presentations, loading and unloading, when an animal enclosure is open, or my hands are dirty. Due to a staggering number of unwanted sales and other calls, I no longer pick up on an unknown number. I reply to messages regarding: inquiries, availability, reservations, and questions or concerns of animal well being. 

I will call you back as soon as possible. Please be patient. Email is often quicker and more reliable. I do work the weekends and during the busy season I may take a full mid-week day off. Text or message on phone is also an option for initial contact or after a reservation is scheduled.  

When leaving a message, please give: your city or location--affecting price & availability. 

Please visit "Our Requirements" page before considering us.

    To reserve the day of your choice, please call 2 months in advance.

If your day is flexible, call at least 3 weeks in advance.

Last minute bookings will be accepted when possible.

Payment is required on the day of your event,

exceptions for established schools and facilities.


Located in Oceanside, I serve most of San Diego County including :

North to Camp Pendleton, occasionally San Clemente, south to Hwy 8, east to Valley Center, and SE to El Cajon. Summertime travel is restricted to 60 minutes. During slower months or for multiple presentations, I venture farther. 

I schedule confirmed and verified

dates, locations, and times

that include a phone number & home address.

No holds or tentative bookings. 


I rely on customers as much

as my customers rely on me.

LICENSED~INSURED~CA PTA Approved Vendor's List

Background checked and cleared by TrustLine.


Thank you for considering the

Lizard Wizard of San Diego.




 Please respect our planet.

We are not above nature, we are a part of it. 

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