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Fun For Kids of All Ages
For Most Occasions & Many Themes

Lizard Wizard of SD is a


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                                 Choose from new formats and

                        old/regular-fun style.  

Perfect for home-schools, camps, field trip-to-you, parties, celebrations, biology/science/nature lessons, teaching respect, individual tutoring, animal photography groups, entertainment or education for most ages. Animals are a natural fit for many themes, subjects, and events. 


                     Live Reptile, Amphibian, & Arthropod


Hands-on FUN for birthdays at your home or classroom.

Educational entertainment

or entertaining education.

 Your birthday child will be the star of the show,

allowed to pet and/or hold (on lap) most of the animals.

Designed to last a full hour with 21

live and friendly animals including:

turtles, tortoises, frogs, lizards, snakes,

and arthropods a.k.a. BUGS!

 Educational for schools: Pre-K to 6th grade, classrooms, combined classrooms, small assemblies, reward programs, end & start of year special events, book fairs, or science days.

Also appropriate for: Camps, Daycares, Preschools,

Churches, Family gatherings, City Programs,  Boy & Girl Scouts...

 An absorbing interactive experience that complements learning from books with a lasting memory. The goal is to share these often misunderstood animals with the hope of creating a new found desire for all to know, care, and protect them. 

  presented and owned by 

Kathy Estep Hester

Lizard Wizards have been serving Southern California since 1988 !

Reliability and experience of 30 years.

Lizard Wizard of SD was created in June 1993, more than 27 years ago.

Please call for reservations:  760-722-4446

Often, email is quicker at: kathyhester@lizardwizardofsandiego.net

 Please check the "contact us" page for updates.

The photo above was taken in Jan. 2017

Please note the term "Kids." This is not for babies, toddlers who squeeze or anyone who does not understand (or obey) the important guidelines given.