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Present Options Available Now


Most of this is a repeat from the prior page.

Besides the Window Viewing, two other options are available. 


The first other option is a yard party for your family only. I'll wear a mask. We all scrub hands before we start, we all scrub hands afterwards. No contact, viewing only, social distancing of six feet.  This requires space on the ground for the animals to move freely, yard fencing is best, but not mandatory. This is not the full crew of animals, just the ones best for viewing only as in the Window Viewing option. $75.00


The second option, is a hands-on and an interactive animal experience with petting lizards and tortoises, perching frogs on arms, and wearing snakes around shoulders. With your household family only, Lizard Wizard wearing a mask, all washing hands before and after. Backyard only, shade required. $100.00. (Add $10 per neighborhood-child. Effective on June 1, 2020). 
Times are approximate. Overtime does not cost more. Pricing is per format.  
Prices: 30 minutes-----$60  Window Viewing (see prior page)
            45 minutes-----$75  Family outside, social distancing from presenter, no contact
                                    (limited animals)
            60 minutes-----$100 Yard party 20 animals with just your family with a birthday chair,
                                             dare chair, and/or volunteer chair; hands-on, presenter wears a mask. 
Scheduling now guarantees these prices.
These are trial prices and subject to change (after feedback and actual times experienced). 
Duration is flexible for your needs with repeats allowed, suggestions, and Q & A time.
For the first option, If needed, I have a Parrot headset to sync with your bluetooth-enabled device speaker so you can hear me. With a mask over my mouth and 6' away, I might be muffled. 
NOT JUST FOR BIRTHDAYS. Bring the cool-school live to your yard, with a mini Science Day. 
All presentations are allowed to be taped and shared. 
An idea for the second option is to share with your non-present guests via a Zoom birthday party with your child interacting live with the animals as other guests are viewing live from their devices. Select option two, and schedule your Zoom party for the start time and pre-invite guests. This is using your devices and your pre-set Zoom account. Remember free accounts log out after 40 minutes. 
Your location must be no more than an hour's drive from Sagewood Drive in Oceanside 92056. 
Rain does cancel outside events. Tropical sprinkles are fine. 
After social distancing is lifted and schools resume, prices go back to normal fee, starting at $200 per presentation.
*Window Parties or viewing depends on your home features. A flat area seen from the window is a must, the closer the better. This can be on natural or imitation grass, dirt (not mud), decks, or concrete. All sunny days will require a close shady area for contained animals.