Rates For Your Event


All year, $175, for our military families in Camp Pendleton.


$200 for other locations within most of North San Diego County.

 $25 is added for early starts before 10:30 AM or evening events and to locations that take 50 minutes or more for us to arrive. High peak traffic times, areas, and seasons; add to the time traveled and cost. As a guide, most locations south of the 52 are $225. During summer, coastal locations south of the 56 are $225. East of Escondido are $225.

(Please note:  Google Map times are for ideal driving conditions. For actual driving durations in Southern California, 15 minutes are added. This helps us arrive on time too.)

The presentation is designed to last an hour long with 21 animals.

     The more guests wanting to participate and the more photos taken,

        adds to the length of the show, not the cost.

        The different variables of each group determines the exact length of presentation.

I charge per presentation, not duration. I am happy to be at your event.

For schools and very large events requiring more than one show,

 only $50 more for each additional presentation

immediately following the first on the same day.



The presentation is fun, unique, reasonable, worthwhile,

memorable, educational and entertaining. 

All 21 animals are present at every full one hour event.


I am professional, experienced, kid-friendly,

patient, knowledgeable, licensed, insured,

and on the CA PTA Approved Vendor list.

Finger printed and background cleared by TrustLine.

Thank you for your consideration.


To reserve, please call:  760-722-4446

Or E-mail the S.D. Lizard Wizard at: kathyhester@lizardwizardofsandiego.net

This is my daughter, Nicolette, who is 33 this year. At age three, she had her first pet ringneck snake and held a scorpion.

Presently she has 0 pets.