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Weather Dictates Set Up Location

Please read thoroughly, all of these terms must be agreed upon

in order to schedule with Lizard Wizard.

Update as of 8/22/21: Please do not reserve a day, if you would cancel for any other reason than a family sickness, accident, or death; and foul weather that prevents safe travel. Or when the state or county mandates a "stay at home" order. Limiting group size does not cancel a party.

Lizard Wizard manages and shares the animals in a safe manner that can only be accomplished when the guidelines given are understood and fulfilled.  

Other adults must manage young guests who either do not understand the guidelines given or are too excited to be near the animals. Your carefully planned birthday agenda is very important to the success of a great animal experience. Allow enough time for: guests to be 30 minutes late, socializing, eating or snacking, a physical activity (to release excitability), and then the sit down animal interaction will follow. First snake, then cake, is best!

After and during animal sharing, another adult is responsible to enforce hand washing between touching animals and eating. For the comfort of the pets and hygiene of the kids, gentle petting only on the animal's backs, is emphasized. No candy, food, straws, balloons or mouth-toys (kazoos) may be near the animals or tarp. 

Temperature for the full duration is of the utmost importance for the health of my one set of animals. 

Sunny and warm days require full shade for myself, guests, and the animal containers. Set up area is determined by the temperature at your location at the hour and full length of stay, and considering your home features. If being out in the sun is over 75 degrees and the choice of shade is under 68, we must be inside. A good indicator of too cold weather is when people are wearing long sleeves and pants. An open garage is our next best choice or a large room with open windows during non-chilly weather.  

Birthday child or volunteer chair is the center of attention. Guests gather around the tarp and animal print sheet as a guide to create a big circle ensuring everyone a good view. This creates an open space in the middle (see photo) allowing for observation of safe animal movement. This area is not intended for children which would limit animal sharing. I will walk around in this space sharing frogs, lizards, and snakes for all. 


The presentations/shows are somewhat flexible.

As long as the animals are not in any harm,

I prefer to go with the flow (attention span) of the entire group and then stay afterwards for those who linger. 


Ideal temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees in the shade. 

 The containers must be out of cold drafts, close to a wall and

not in walk ways or near loud amplifiers.

An electrical outlet may be required. 

Animal containers require level dry ground and are not to be touched

The animals are my livelihood. Their protection is my top concern.

When the animals are safe, everyone is safe.


they will never be exploited for entertainment sake

or exposed to improper temperatures for very long.

No air conditioning set below 72 degrees is allowed.


An alternate inside location due to heat, rain, cold, or wet ground 

must be known at time of reservation

and available for your event date.

Normal rain does not cancel events.


Upon arrival, a guaranteed parking space is mandatory.

I may need assistance for steps, narrow walkways, and uneven terrain.

A hose or other water source might be necessary for tortoise clean up.

Please inform if I am parking on a hill (I unload from the back of the vehicle)

or my walkway path includes a slope. 

In an attempt to keep your flooring clean, please allow a 30" clearance around vehicles and other objects on the concrete walkways or driveway in order to keep the wheeled containers off wet ground and grass. 



Most homes can easily accommodate these requirements. Due to the sensitive nature of the live animals, please do not invite us if you cannot. Thank you for your understanding and concern for the health of my pets.