Weather dictates the location of inside or outside.

Please read thoroughly before making a reservation. Your acceptance of all terms given is a must.

Photo (below) is of a typical party or classroom layout.

Normally we would NOT be outside in full sun. 

Birthday child or volunteer chair is the center of attention.

Guests gather around the tarp (when inside) and animal print sheet

as a guide to create a big circle ensuring everyone a good view.

An open space in the middle allows for animal movement observation. 

          This area is not intended for children which would limit animal sharing. I will walk around in this space sharing frogs, lizards, and snakes for all. 


The presentations/shows are somewhat flexible.

As long as the animals are not in any harm,

I prefer to go with the flow (attention span) of the entire group and then those who linger. 


Ideal temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees in the shade.

Actual thermometer reading determines location.

Sunny & warm temperatures require shade for all. A 62 degree day can be too hot in full sun. 

Inside location must not be colder than 70 degrees

and allow access to an electrical outlet.

 The containers must be away from drafts, close to a wall and not in walk ways or near loud amplifiers. 

The animals are my livelihood. Their protection is my top concern.

When the animals are safe, everyone is safe.


they will never be exploited for entertainment sake

or exposed to improper temperatures for very long.

No air conditioning set below 72 degrees is allowed.

I will bring individual heating elements.

Southern California weather is unpredictable.

An alternate inside location due to heat, rain, cold, or wet ground 

must be known at time of reservation

and available for your event date.

After and during animal sharing, another adult is responsible to enforce hand washing between touching animals and eating. For the comfort of the pets and hygiene of the kids, petting on the backs only is emphasized. No candy, food, straws, or mouth-toys (kazoos) may be near the animals or tarp. 


Upon arrival, a guaranteed parking space is mandatory.

I may need assistance for steps, narrow walkways, and uneven terrain. 

Cameras and video taping is encouraged!