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Fees & Service
Updated on March 18, 2022

New fees for a slightly different service and reflecting increases in gas prices and thicker traffic.  The Lizard Wizard of SD will no longer bring a large 11' python. If you want one present for your party, I will give recommendations of other companies.

Your animal encounter is designed to be hands-on and interactive. Small groups of under 20 children will be allowed to properly pet the animals. Larger groups are welcome with willing volunteers chosen. 

The gentle friendly sharing of the animals encourages children of all levels and ages to reach out and pet. Each animal is supervised with each person.

 Every presentation is filled with worthwhile information not easily obtained. The emphasis will be on correct approach, petting, and proper interaction throughout the show (teaching respect). 

Your birthday child will sit in a chair with most of the animals on a towel on their lap for petting. Guests may also participate by perching frogs on arms or hats, petting a bearded dragon and tortoise, and wearing snakes around their shoulders. A willing adult may sit in The Dare Chair to be "bugged."  A different volunteer is chosen for each animal for non-birthday events.  

Pricing (as of 3/18/22) for Birthday Parties and Other Events: 

Your location is up to a 30 minute drive from us, the cost is $150. 

Your location is from a 31 minute to 45 minute drive from us, the cost is $175.

Your location is from a 46 minute to 55 minute drive from us, the cost is $200.

Mandarin Dr., Oceanside, 92056 is used to determine amount of time for travel. 


The fee asked reserves the time slot for you. Lizard Wizard of SD is a small company of one person, myself, with a limited number of time slots. Please reserve with an intentional commitment. The cost is not just for the presentation and time at your event. The fee enables my daily maintenance, supervision, and upkeep of the animals; including heating, feeding, cleaning and transfers to basking when possible. Your presentation of 45 to 90 minutes or more requires preparation time of soaking and cleaning, packing, loading, travel, unloading, set up, the presentation, reloading, travel, unloading, cleaning, laundry. The average time spent for one event is 5 to 7 hours. Every step of this process is done by myself. 

Duration of presentation depends on various factors of questions asked, photos taken, number of guests and those participating. Price is not based on time, it is based per presentation and location. Every party is allotted 90 minutes, just in case. Please allow at least an hour. 

All travel time factors are considered, such as: work commute traffic, tourist season, sunny coastal days, other events (races, fair, air show), Friday traffic, holidays, and foul weather-mainly rain. 

Every one-hour event has 20 animals present. When more bugs are available, I bring them. 



Fun! Exciting! Educational! Memorable!

For parties, schools, camps, and most events.

Most of all, don't forget to look at the camera and say: "Squeeze!"