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Thank You

Hi All, I wanted to extend a very big thank you for making my small company successful for the last 25 years. Most of my business is by referral by word of mouth. Many of you go unthanked personally, so here I am with much gratitude and appreciation for all of the times that you have thrown the Lizard Wizard name out there to your friends, schools, and associates. This is the best of compliments. Please keep sharing the Lizard Wizard name and I hope to see you again. As always, I bring 21 or more animals to every one-hour event. I never limit the number of guests or children. I often stay longer than the designed one-hour show with no extra fee. I take the hassle out of planning your entertainment. I bring the tried and true docile animals. No need to select or limit them due to cost. One experienced, professional, patient owner for every aspect of scheduling events; sharing, presenting, and maintaining the animals. With a warm sincerity, Kathy Estep Hester aka Lizard Wizard of San Diego